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Kreg Kearley, Air Traffic Control Specialist 


phone: +1.619.665.0529

Kreg Kearly grew up under the finals of DFW and the traffic pattern of Grand Prairie Municipal Airport. Aerospatiale (now American Eurocopter) had a test and assembly facility there, as well. So all day and night airplanes were flying over his house. Kreg joined the Army in 1986. Originally a helicopter engine mechanic, but was coerced into ATC in 1988 by the needs of the Army. Kreg left active duty in 1990 and went back to college and worked until he was hired by the FAA in 1991. Kreg worked at Houston ARTCC briefly and then Fort Polk Louisiana as a DOD civilian Air Traffic Controller working Tower, GCA, and Approach Control. Kreg was also a helicopter mechanic/crew chief in the Army Reserve in Lafayette, Louisiana from 1993 through 1996. Hiring back into the FAA in 1997, Kreg landed at MYF and left in 2006 to work at the Socal Tracon facility then returned to MYF in the summer of 2009. Kreg has a wide variety of experiences in the aviation field with over 21 years of ATC experience. He attended the US Army ATC School, the FAA Academy (Er-Route, Radar, and ATC Screen), the US Army Transportation and Aviation Logistics School, and several colleges and universities.

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