Update from the SHARE Roundtable on June 23rd 2014

23 Jun 2014 3:57 PM | Anonymous

The Safety Committee hosted the third SHARE Roundtable event on June 23rd at Premier Jet (CRQ). This roundtable event focused on air traffic control (ATC) related issues that can compromise the safety of flight operations. In addition to three (3) SoCal TRACON air traffic controllers there were more than thirty (30) people in attendance. Ken Mazzola, Safety Officer from MedImpact and member of SCAA’s Safety Committee moderated the roundtable event. 

Five (5) case studies, developed from submitted safety reports, were presented to the group. The TRACON controllers offered valuable insight into the factors contributing to the erosion of safety margins in the case studies. There was also robust discussion on the following hot topics:

  • Wake Turbulence – new Aircraft Assignment to Proposed Six Category System and the re-categorization of separation minimums (RECAT Wake Separation Standards)
  • Climb Via SID/Descend Via STAR – Important requirements for compliance with these new communication requirements.
  • Unstabilized Approaches – Recommended Elements of a Stabilized Approach

For more information regarding the group’s discussion at this ATC-related SHARE Roundtable, please email safety@socalaviation.org 

The next SHARE Roundtable event will be held in November and will focus on facility and maintenance related issues. If you are not a registered SHARE participant, we encourage you to visit SCAA’s Safety SHARE webpage to register. If you are already registered, please submit your maintenance and/or facility related safety reports on the SHARE portal. Our goal is to develop our roundtable topics from data collected on the SHARE portal. This will insure that we are bringing current, relevant topics to SCAA’s membership while helping everyone learn important lessons from the experience of fellow operators, FBOs, maintenance facilities, and other aviation professionals and vendors.

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