Urgent HAI Member Legislative Alert

12 Mar 2013 1:17 PM | Anonymous
This is an urgent follow-up to yesterday's HAI legislative alert concerning the FAA's plans to close within 30 days
75 percent of the air traffic control towers managed under the Federal Contract Tower Program. HAI President Matt Zuccaro is calling on all members of the helicopter industry to take immediate action: contact your two U.S. senators and ask them to support Kansas Senator Jerry Moran's amendment to save contract towers.

The general aviation industry is facing an urgent deadline to keep open the more than 173 contract control towers at general aviation airports around the country. Sen. Jerry Moran is planning to offer an amendment to the Senate continuing resolution that would shift money from the FAA capital account to the operations account so the agency can keep all air traffic control towers open.

In order for Congress to give the FAA flexibility to make cuts in other areas, unanimous support for Senator Moran's amendment is needed immediately. The Senate continuing resolution is expected to be cleared for a vote on Wednesday, March 12. It is essential that all HAI members reach out to their two U.S. Senators today:

 *   Review the 238 airports whose towers are to close<http://www.faa.gov/news/updates/media/Facilities_Could_Be_Closed.pdf> and the 72 airports whose tower staffing will be reduced.<http://www.faa.gov/news/updates/media/Facilities_Where_Shifts_Could_Be_Eliminated.pdf>
 *   Utilize this Senate phone and email contact list<http://www.rotor.com/portals/1/eblast/Senatorial_Contact.pdf> and ask both of your U.S. senators to support Senator Moran's amendment to save contract towers. Tell your senators the number and type of operations you conduct on a weekly basis and include your company name and the number of aircraft you operate. Indicate any safety concerns you believe might impact your operations should these contract towers be closed.

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