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24 Jun 2014 2:35 PM | Anonymous

California Aviation Day at the Capitol

Business aviation was well represented on the Capitol steps in Sacramento during the second annual Aviation Awareness Day.  NBAA sponsored a table under the big tent, and participated in visits to legislators’ offices to encourage attendance and raise awareness of the value of aviation, especially general aviation, among  CA elected officials.  Addition business aviation sponsors included SCAA, NorCalBAA, Napa Jet Center, and Aeroplex/AeroLease. 

Regional Group Events

Numerous business aviation events took place in Western Region recently including the Southern and Northern California Schedulers and Dispatchers Group (SONO) in Hayward; AZBAA Charity Golf Event in Scottsdale; SCAA’s Charity Golf  Event in Carlsbad and SCAA Career Day at Van Nuys; NorCalBAA Safety Day in San Jose; and NVBAA’s  sponsorship of Sunset High School’s winning entry in the GAMA Build-a-Plane competition by X-Plane.  All of these groups are to be congratulated on their commitment to excellence and helping nurture the next generation of business aviation professionals.

Regional Groups Roundtable, June 5

NBAA sponsored the second annual Regional Groups Roundtable in San Antonio.  The Roundtable is an opportunity for local and regional business aviation group leaders to gather for a full day of shared discussions on topics of their choice.  We host this event at no charge because we recognize the value independent regional groups bring to their aviation communities, and encourage strong leadership representation at the table. 

NBAA Regional Forum in Van Nuys, June 26

We look forward to seeing you all at the Regional Forum next month.  Registration is open on the NBAA website at

Santa Monica Airport

As part of the latest move against KSMO, City staff is developing a plan to “position the city to close all or part” of the airport.  The proposal includes a leasing policy to discourage aeronautical uses; elimination of aviation fuel sales; and creation of new land use zoning that promotes non-aeronautical development on airport land. A group of local citizens has submitted legal paperwork to circulate a petition among Santa Monica voters for a ballot initiative.  If enough signatures are gathered, a referendum will appear on the November ballot that, if approved, will require City officials to obtain voter approval before changing current land uses on airport property. 


Why should we care so much about Santa Monica Airport?

KSMO is an irreplaceable public asset.  It provides good paying jobs, valuable open space, and extraordinary access to a thriving historic community.  In 1949 the City of Santa Monica signed a lifetime contract with the Federal Government to maintain this asset, one of about 200 U.S. communities with similar commitments for airport lands.  It should be difficult, as difficult as our government, our justice system, and our aviation industry can make it, for Santa Monica or any other community, to vacate those commitments.  Our national aviation system depends upon the vision of past generations and the performance of current leaders to serve the interest of the traveling public.  You can count on NBAA to do our part.

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