Van Nuys Airport Noise Program Update

11 Jan 2016 8:14 AM | Anonymous

Van Nuys Airport (VNY) strives to balance the needs of business aviation and those of the surrounding community. In the airport’s 88 year history, VNY has implemented both voluntary and mandatory noise abatement programs with all stakeholders in mind. VNY reminds pilots and aviation organizations to Fly Friendly and follow the “No Early Turn Program” which requests pilots to fly out the basin before turning to avoid flying over homes. January 1, 2016 marked the final milestone of VNY’s Noisier Aircraft Phase Out Ordinance 181,106.

Aircraft with departure noise levels at or above 77dBA are no longer allowed to depart from VNY.

It is recommended that all tenants, subtenants, airport stakeholders and users re-familiarize themselves with the restrictions contained within the VNY Airport Curfew and Noise Abatement Ordinances.

As of January 1, 2016 the following sections of Ordinance 181,106 became effective and will be enforced by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office:

·       Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.2 (d); Aircraft with takeoff noise levels of 77dBA or greater may no longer depart VNY.

·       Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.3(g)(2); Exemptions provided for certain civilian-owned military type aircraft are no longer in effect.

·      Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.3 (h); Exemptions provided for “phased out” aircraft to conduct certain maintenance or repair operations no longer apply.

The various noise abatement ordinances adopted by the Los Angeles City Council have been instrumental over the years in reducing the noise levels around VNY. The ordinance numbers are 155,727; 171,889; 173,215 and 181,106.

The signed ordinances may be reviewed by clicking the links below:

Last June, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners formalized VNY’s “No Early Turn” policy for fixed-wing aircraft to help alleviate the impact of airport operations on the community. Under the “No Early Turn” policy:

·       Pilots departing Runways 16L and 16R are requested to fly runway heading until reaching the Sepulveda Flood Control Basin (south of Victory Boulevard) before initiating any turns.

·       Pilots departing Runways 34L and 34R are requested to fly runway heading until reaching an altitude of 1,800’ mean sea level before initiating any turns.

·       All operations are ultimately subject to instructions provided by Air Traffic Control.

To meet the challenge of aircraft noise, VNY has also conducted outreach to regional flight schools, added a “No Early Turn” message on its blast fence and inserted “No Early Turn” instructions in the Airport Facility Directory. VNY is also developing an updated Pilot Guide that will depict new visual landmarks, noise sensitive areas and noise abatement procedures to aid pilots. The program specifications and pilot material can be found at

“Addressing community noise concerns requires a collaborative effort among aircraft operators, airport sponsors, and both based and transient pilots,” said VNY Manager Jess Romo. “Not only does flying quietly protect the interests of local residents, it safeguards the social and economic benefits generated by Van Nuys Airport.”

With more than 100 businesses and three major fixed base operators, the airport contributes an annual estimated $1.3 billion to the Southern California economy and supports over 12,000 jobs. At 730 acres, and more than 238,000 annual operations in 2014, VNY is not only diligent with noise concerns but the safety of the airport and our community. VNY has on-site 24/7 operations personnel and Airport Police Bureau, a six-story F.A.A. control tower running from 6 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. daily, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, and its own Fire Station #114 providing crash, fire and rescue services in the event of an emergency on premises and in surrounding regions.

For more information on VNY’s voluntary and mandatory noise abatement programs and pilot information, visit the airport’s main website at

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