NBAA Western Region Update – Summer 2016

29 Sep 2016 3:49 PM | Anonymous

NBAA Western Region Update – Summer 2016

Thanks to the people and businesses that helped make the 2016 Regional Forum in Van Nuys a success. We set a record with 2,000 in attendance, 145 exhibitors and 20 business aircraft on display.  It was a good networking and business building opportunity for those who took advantage, and we at NBAA truly appreciate your support for the Forum.

One of the best things about SCAA is your engagement with the business aviation industry through safety days, career days, scholarships and mentoring programs; helping build a better, safer, stronger aviation community. The work SCAA does is what the NBAA Safety Committee means when it talks about Safety Leadership; and sets the bar for Regional Groups just beginning to venture into career building and mentoring arenas.  NBAA is proud to be a sponsor for the SCAA Safety Standdown.  And to assist Regional Groups and NBAA members with their career outreach programs, we recently developed new Resources for managers who want to use internships to help build their talent pool.

The Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition (LAAHNC), a collection of home-owner groups, filed four petitions for FAA rulemaking last October.  The petitions asked FAA to create a Special Flight Rules Area (SFAR) over the Los Angeles basin placing restrictions on altitudes, flight paths, hover times, and news helicopters.  FAA denied all four petitions, citing safety concerns and progress achieved by the Region’s helicopter working group.  In June LAAHNC filed for reconsideration of their petitions.  The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association, Los Angeles Area Helicopter Operators Association, and NBAA will collaborate with FAA to assure continued safe and efficient helicopter access to Southern California airspace.

On August 23 the Santa Monica City Council passed a Resolution to close their municipal airport in 2018. FAA’s Part 16 final determination that the City remains obligated by its Airport Improvement Program Grant Assurances until 2023 were part of the inspiration for the Council’s act.  In addition, there is a pending Federal Court case which will determine the further longevity of the airport. I advise users and tenants to remain steadfast in their use and support for SMO. 

NBAA would like express appreciation to each of you who contacted Congress to voice your objections to de facto airline control of air traffic in the United States. I wish recent articles like the one in Breaking Travel News, describing the economic damage and disruptions caused by 167 Air Traffic Control strikes in Europe would convince Transportation Chairman Shuster to drop his argument for separating the Air Traffic Organization from FAA.  NBAA asks members to stand ready to take up the fight again in 2017 when the new Congress convenes.

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