FAA to Provide Upgrade to Electrical Lines

29 Sep 2016 4:31 PM | Anonymous

In the interests of maintaining the continuing standard for operational safety at VNY, the FAA has announced that it will be implementing an improvement project which involves upgrading the electrical lines that support the airport’s navigational aids and air traffic control systems. 

This project will see improvements made to the existing lines which have reached their usable life expectancy. The project will begin on September 22 and last approximately 8 weeks. The Airport Operations department and the FAA developed a plan involving 7 nighttime runway closures of 16R, planned between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. This plan will allow peak daytime operations and airport services to continue without interruption.  

The planned night-time 16R closure dates are: September 26-27 and October 10-14. VNY is committed to working in partnership with the tenants while supporting the FAA’s upgrades to our critical systems, and upholding the standard of safety and efficiency at VNY’s world-class general aviation facilities.

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