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17 Jan 2017 1:30 PM | Anonymous

In the second week of January NBAA’s volunteer Flight Attendants Committee gathered at the Long Beach Hilton to develop the agenda for PDP and information sessions offered during the 2017 Flight Attendants and Flight Technicians Conference, June 13-15 in Long Beach, CA.  Watch for on-line registration to open soon!

The Southern California Metroplex is deep into the implementation phase and FAA is hosting several a public information briefings during the month of January. Although a number of Los Angeles area communities filed lawsuits to try to interrupt the progress of these important NexGen improvements, FAA continues moving forward, activating new revised approaches and departures in March.  Pilots should be on the lookout for NBAA Air Traffic Services emails and updates; and familiarize themselves with amended procedures and effective dates.

The VOR approach into Santa Monica is again available at night, and improved minimums have been established.  Thanks to Los Angeles Public Works Department for putting safety first and reducing the height of several street lights located under the final approach.  Atlantic Aviation is still open and operating normally at SMO, and NBAA continues to help support the Save Santa Monica Corporation (SSMO) legal fund with an offer to match confidential corporate and individual donations. For more information about SSMO, contact NBAA’s Director of Airports and Infrastructure, Alex Gertsen.  Alex will deliver an informative presentation to airport commissioners on January 23 in response to their questions about the history of SMO land use and policy. NBAA also provides support for the Santa Monica Airport Association, who’s members conduct local events and community outreach, a critical element to the future of the airport.

NBAA’s number one legislative issue in 2017 is FAA Reauthorization.  House Transportation Chairman Shuster has not abandon his vision to create a separate FAA Air Traffic Organization funded by user fees, and there is uncertainty about the new administration’s support or opposition for this concept.  NBAA’s Government Affairs team will work on your behalf in Washington, and we will again call on members and local business aviation groups to follow-up with letters, emails, and phone calls to their respective legislators to assure congress preserves an air traffic control system that serves the needs of all users, and is not controlled by the special interests of the airlines.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Fort Worth for the 2017 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference, February 7-10; and in Miami, February 14-16, for NBAA Leadership Conference.

Stacy Howard,

NBAA Western Regional Representative

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