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Changes to the ASMP/MVOP Program beginning January 1, 2017

01 Jan 2017 9:40 AM | Anonymous

Dear valued ASMP/MVOP Stakeholders,

With several changes to the ASMP/MVOP material beginning in January 2017, VNY Airport Operations wants to ensure that all participating companies in the ASMP/MVOP Program at VNY Airport are properly informed. Please see the below list for changes to the ASMP/MVOP Programs.

The primary changes for the ASMP/MVOP Program in 2017 are:

  • Wayne Britton, Airport Superintendent of Operations II at VNY, will be the new MVOP program coordinator and he will be assisted by Lowell Carson. Please continue to use the VNY MVOP email address (VNYMVOP@lawa.org) for all MVOP related inquiries and test scheduling.
  • All VNY vehicle permits will expire February 28, 2017. New ASMP/MVOP company applications will be distributed in January which all eligible companies will be required to complete in order to maintain ASMP/MVOP access. Further details will be distributed to eligible VNY Master and Subtenants shortly.
  • Revised Study Guides for the ASMP and MVOP program will be posted in early January which can be located at: http://www.lawa.org/welcome_VNY.aspx?id=9614.
  • Revised PowerPoint Presentation for the ASMP program will be posted in early January and will be located at: http://www.lawa.org/welcome_VNY.aspx?id=9614. Please contact the MVOP Program Administrator with if you have any questions that you would like to address at VNYMVOP@lawa.org. Thank you for your continued diligence with the VNY ASMP/MVOP program and your determination alongside LAWA to minimize Surface Deviations and Runway Incursions at Van Nuys Airport.


VNY MVOP Program Team

Email: VNYMVOP@lawa.org

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