“The meter’s running! By Bert Botta

03 Sep 2019 12:20 PM | Stacy Crawmer (Administrator)

When I was a pilot for TWA my first captain rating was on the beautiful, well before it’s time Lockheed L1011. During that ride, I struggled with some of the maneuvers that were required to pass the FAA check ride scheduled for the end of my company training. 

As I struggled and finally “got a handle” on one of the maneuvers that was giving me trouble, I think it was the dual engine failure, down to a single engine approach, my instructor’s favorite confidence-building, encouraging words to me were, “OK Botta, let’s get this done, the meter’s running!” 

This meant that I was only allotted so many simulator hours before I would be “evaluated” by another company sim instructor to see if they wanted to spend more money on training me or my “meter would run out!” 

I suppose this was his way of “motivating” me since he was a gritty old ex-military instructor but needless to say, his meter analogy didn’t do much to relax me and instill confidence. 

In similar fashion, but without the intimidation factor, “the meter’s running” for our upcoming New Leadership Solutions for Today's BizAv Challenges this coming Monday, 9/9/19 at the Westin Resort, Carlsbad, CA (CRQ) and we want you there so we can address together our agenda items and also what seems to be a historically unprecedented BizAv accident rate. 

Don’t let the meter run out on this one... 

See you there... 

Bert Botta

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