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Business Aviation "Fat Cats” to the Rescue! By Bert Botta

11 Sep 2019 4:36 PM | Stacy Crawmer (Administrator)

Business Aviation "Fat Cats” to the Rescue! 

A lot of people think that Business Aviation private jet owners just swish around to their private islands in the Caribbean and swill champagne and eat caviar all day long. Sure, there's excess involved but when you're playing at that level it's bound to happen. 

Having flown my share of "fat cats" when I was a pilot for Netjets, I can say my experience was 99% outstanding, friendly and pleasant. There's always that 1%, no matter what but many of the people I flew had a powerful "pay it forward" mentality complete with big donations to those less fortunate. 

Check this out http://bit.ly/2kCz6mb to see what the BizAv commune is doing to help the Dorian relief efforts and you might see the "fat cat" set in a very different light; who knows you might need their help someday...

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