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    With 19 years of aviation experience – all focused on the Southern California airport community – Jesus “Jess” Romo was named the new director of Long Beach Airport at the end of July by City Manager Patrick West.


    Romo was born in Los Angeles and grew up in La Puente in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. He attended public schools in the area all the way through high school and went on to earn a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of California, Irvine in 1984.‘New-Adventure’

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    NBAA Western Region Update – Summer 2016

    Thanks to the people and businesses that helped make the 2016 Regional Forum in Van Nuys a success. We set a record with 2,000 in attendance, 145 exhibitors and 20 business aircraft on display.  It was a good networking and business building opportunity for those who took advantage, and we at NBAA truly appreciate your support for the Forum.

    One of the best things about SCAA is your engagement with the business aviation industry through safety days, career days, scholarships and mentoring programs; helping build a better, safer, stronger aviation community. The work SCAA does is what the NBAA Safety Committee means when it talks about Safety Leadership; and sets the bar for Regional Groups just beginning to venture into career building and mentoring arenas.  NBAA is proud to be a sponsor for the SCAA Safety Standdown.  And to assist Regional Groups and NBAA members with their career outreach programs, we recently developed new Resources for managers who want to use internships to help build their talent pool.

    The Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition (LAAHNC), a collection of home-owner groups, filed four petitions for FAA rulemaking last October.  The petitions asked FAA to create a Special Flight Rules Area (SFAR) over the Los Angeles basin placing restrictions on altitudes, flight paths, hover times, and news helicopters.  FAA denied all four petitions, citing safety concerns and progress achieved by the Region’s helicopter working group.  In June LAAHNC filed for reconsideration of their petitions.  The Professional Helicopter Pilots Association, Los Angeles Area Helicopter Operators Association, and NBAA will collaborate with FAA to assure continued safe and efficient helicopter access to Southern California airspace.

    On August 23 the Santa Monica City Council passed a Resolution to close their municipal airport in 2018. FAA’s Part 16 final determination that the City remains obligated by its Airport Improvement Program Grant Assurances until 2023 were part of the inspiration for the Council’s act.  In addition, there is a pending Federal Court case which will determine the further longevity of the airport. I advise users and tenants to remain steadfast in their use and support for SMO. 

    NBAA would like express appreciation to each of you who contacted Congress to voice your objections to de facto airline control of air traffic in the United States. I wish recent articles like the one in Breaking Travel News, describing the economic damage and disruptions caused by 167 Air Traffic Control strikes in Europe would convince Transportation Chairman Shuster to drop his argument for separating the Air Traffic Organization from FAA.  NBAA asks members to stand ready to take up the fight again in 2017 when the new Congress convenes.

    Stacy Howard

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    On July 1, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group broke ground on a $7.5 million, 3-acre development project at VNY featuring exclusive hangar, office, shop and private terminal areas. The new facility will complement the company’s adjacent 6-acre leasehold that was developed in 2008 as a private aviation center.

    Encompassing 123,162 square feet, the development improvements will include: 

    • 38,000 square feet of hangar space to accommodate a full range of business aircraft, turbo-props and executive jets
    • 8,500 square feet of shop, office and terminal space with luxurious conference, kitchen and lounge facilities that can be fully customized and have the latest security systems
    • Over 55,000 square feet of new aircraft ramp and staging areas
    • A private, gated and secure area to accommodate over 45 vehicles

    “Aeroplex/Aerolease Group is proud to serve as one of Van Nuys Airport’s longest-standing tenants and a vital contributor to the local economy,” said company CEO Curt Castagna. “This new development will not only create approximately 100 high-skilled jobs, but continue our 40-year history of serving business aviation’s diverse needs.”

    Scheduled for completion in March 2017, the development honors the legacy of the late Milton A. Widelitz, who founded Aeroplex/Aerolease Group in 1977 and helped form the non-profit Van Nuys Airport Association in 1982. He was a strong supporter of preserving airport jobs and businesses, as well providing educational opportunities for future aviation professionals. 

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    The High Altitude Supplemental Oxygen (HASO) Working Group is a collaboration of business aviation professionals with an interest in addressing the challenges of complying with Code of Federal Regulation 91.211, the regulation that mandates pilots' use of supplemental oxygen in aircraft operating in altitudes above 41,000 feet.  

    This group of dedicated pilots, operators, NBAA representatives, OEM representatives and aerospace physiology experts are passionately working to understand the hazards inadvertently introduced to the cockpit by this regulation, and through a data-driven process develop alternative means of compliance.

    The primary objective of the HASO Working Group is to provide a risk-based recommendation to the Federal Aviation Administration for operations above 41,000 feet in aircraft certified to a ceiling of 51,000 feet. This group's recommendations will be based on risk analysis as it applies to a comprehensive evaluation of all exposure to hazards above 41,000 feet.

    Please take 5 minutes to complete this anonymous survey.  Your candid response will help HASO's efforts in achieving higher standards of safety in business aircraft operations.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • Protecting the runway at VNY from night time closures working with the FAA and LAWA
    • Reviewing enhanced service hours for US Customs at VNY
    • Reviewing enhanced airport security measures and hosting an airport safety and security standdown at VNY
    • Supporting the feasibility study to bring US Customs clearance services to LGB
    • Supporting a redevelopment plan that compliments the LGB Airport witr the future reuse of the Boeing C-17 buildings
    • Creating the first NATA student chapter with Cal State University Los Angeles (Aeroplex) that encourages business aviaiton student interests
    • Assisting in the approval and plans for the Huntington Beach Surf City Airshow featuring the US Thunderbirds and the Breitling Air Demonstration Team…Oct 21-23, 2016
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    (Van Nuys, California – April 1, 2016) Today, Congressman Tony Cardenas, Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member Scott Schmerelson, and Board of Airport Commissioner Jeffery Daar, welcomed over 1,200 local high school students and 45 aviation industry experts to Van Nuys Airport for the 11th annual, “The Sky’s the Limit: Aviation Career Day”. The event was hosted by MP Aero, Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez and The Valley Economic Alliance. 

    “In order for the U.S. to continue being a global leader, we must connect our communities to resources and opportunities in key industries such as the aviation and aerospace field. By encouraging our young generations to seek a career in such fields, we are, in turn, building a framework of innovative professionals that will drive our country forward to a better future,” said Congressman Tony Cardenas. Los Angeles City Councilwoman (CD6) Nury Martinez added, "This is an important event for the young people of the San Fernando Valley and beyond. This shows students that there is a wide array of aviation related careers for them to explore. I will do whatever I can to give kids good career options and an avenue to pursue their dreams.” 

    Students in attendance were provided a behind the scenes airport tour, took part in interactive exhibits and viewed aircraft displays including an EA-18 Growler, Condor Squadron’s AT-6, Los Angeles Fire Department Air Rescue Unit, and Van Nuys Airport major tenants including Clay Lacy, Signature Flight Support, Western Jet and the North Valley Occupational Center. 

    “This event is inspiring! It makes us realize we can really make connections and get new blood to fuel the future of the aviation community,” said Moses Robles, 17, from Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School. 

    About Van Nuys Airport: 

    VNY is one of three airports owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), a self-supporting branch of the City of Los Angeles, governed by a seven-member Board of Airport Commissioners who are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Los Angeles City Council. 

    One of the world's busiest general aviation airports, VNY serves as a valued San Fernando Valley resource, providing ongoing leadership in general aviation, business and community service. Dedicated to noncommercial air travel, VNY had over 217,000 operations in 2015. More than 100 businesses are located on the 730-acre airport, including three major fixed-base operators and numerous aviation service companies. 

    Annually, the airport contributes approximately $1.3 billion to the Southern California economy and supports over 12,000 jobs. In addition, VNY provides programs to benefit local residents, along with educational initiatives and aviation-related career and training opportunities. For more information, visit, like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at and Instagram at 

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    • On March 23, JetBlue announced that they would be adding new daily nonstop service from LGB to Reno-Tahoe International Airport starting August 15, 2016. The airline also announced that they will be adding more flights to existing routes from Long Beach Airport (LGB). An additional daily flight will be added between LGB and San Francisco International Airport, and LGB and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, starting August 15. JetBlue will also adjust flight times between LGB and Sacramento International Airport (SMF) to provide more convenience for traveling between the two cities for day trips. The new schedule begins September 7, 2016, with Flight #266 departing LGB at 9:04 and arriving at SMF at 10:26 a.m. Flight #265 will depart SMF at 11:07 a.m. and arrive at LGB at 12:27 p.m. Flight #1166 will depart LGB at 5:14 p.m. and arrive at SMF at 6:34 p.m., and Flight #365 will depart SMF at 7:15 p.m. and arrive at LGB at 8:32 p.m.
    • On March 31, Southwest Airlines announced new service linking Long Beach Airport (LGB) and Oakland International Airport. Starting Sunday, June 5, the airline will offer four flights a day. In celebration of the new service, Southwest is offering special introductory pricing of $49 one-way, for travel between June 5 and November 4, 2016.
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    We are happy to say 2015 was a successful and exciting year for SCAA's Mentorship Committee. Our mentors have successfully guided numerous aviation students on their path. Some students were also given the opportunity to engulf themselves in the industry as interns.

    In addition to our Mentor and Internship Programs, students, and aspiring students had multiple opportunities to mingle with mentors and industry professionals during SCAA's Mentorship Roundtables. Our events are geared specifically to immerse students in the exciting field of aviation. The roundtables draw students from all around Southern California and are hosted at local airfields around the area so students can experience, first-hand, the excitement and opportunity this industry offers.

    To ensure that we are reaching all students who share a passion and desire to work in aviation, our Mentor Committee will be expanding outreach through the following programs:

    • Adopt-A-School Program, strengthening our relationships with local colleges and aviation academies to extend our outreach, and aide their transition into their field of interest. As well as introduce students to other fields of expertise they may not be aware of.
    • New Aviation Immersion Program, offering student "walk-thrus" at various aviation businesses around Southern California, so that students have an opportunity to experience different areas of Business Aviation.
    • Intern Program, working closely with local businesses to help them launch an internship program and assisting them in finding students that fit their qualifications. 

    Lastly, we will hold two BIG events this year. As always, we will hold our Annual Roundtable Event where students and Mentors can come together, ask questions and learn about the industry. Attendees can enjoy static aircraft displays, talk with industry professionals and peruse the booths of general aviation companies and job opportunities. Additionally, we will hold one other event that supports our Immersion Program. A sponsor business or aviation academy will open up it's facilities for students to walk-thru, aiding in the excitement and passion for the industry.

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    Van Nuys Airport (VNY) strives to balance the needs of business aviation and those of the surrounding community. In the airport’s 88 year history, VNY has implemented both voluntary and mandatory noise abatement programs with all stakeholders in mind. VNY reminds pilots and aviation organizations to Fly Friendly and follow the “No Early Turn Program” which requests pilots to fly out the basin before turning to avoid flying over homes. January 1, 2016 marked the final milestone of VNY’s Noisier Aircraft Phase Out Ordinance 181,106.

    Aircraft with departure noise levels at or above 77dBA are no longer allowed to depart from VNY.

    It is recommended that all tenants, subtenants, airport stakeholders and users re-familiarize themselves with the restrictions contained within the VNY Airport Curfew and Noise Abatement Ordinances.

    As of January 1, 2016 the following sections of Ordinance 181,106 became effective and will be enforced by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office:

    ·       Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.2 (d); Aircraft with takeoff noise levels of 77dBA or greater may no longer depart VNY.

    ·       Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.3(g)(2); Exemptions provided for certain civilian-owned military type aircraft are no longer in effect.

    ·      Ordinance 181,106; Section 5.3 (h); Exemptions provided for “phased out” aircraft to conduct certain maintenance or repair operations no longer apply.

    The various noise abatement ordinances adopted by the Los Angeles City Council have been instrumental over the years in reducing the noise levels around VNY. The ordinance numbers are 155,727; 171,889; 173,215 and 181,106.

    The signed ordinances may be reviewed by clicking the links below:

    Last June, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners formalized VNY’s “No Early Turn” policy for fixed-wing aircraft to help alleviate the impact of airport operations on the community. Under the “No Early Turn” policy:

    ·       Pilots departing Runways 16L and 16R are requested to fly runway heading until reaching the Sepulveda Flood Control Basin (south of Victory Boulevard) before initiating any turns.

    ·       Pilots departing Runways 34L and 34R are requested to fly runway heading until reaching an altitude of 1,800’ mean sea level before initiating any turns.

    ·       All operations are ultimately subject to instructions provided by Air Traffic Control.

    To meet the challenge of aircraft noise, VNY has also conducted outreach to regional flight schools, added a “No Early Turn” message on its blast fence and inserted “No Early Turn” instructions in the Airport Facility Directory. VNY is also developing an updated Pilot Guide that will depict new visual landmarks, noise sensitive areas and noise abatement procedures to aid pilots. The program specifications and pilot material can be found at

    “Addressing community noise concerns requires a collaborative effort among aircraft operators, airport sponsors, and both based and transient pilots,” said VNY Manager Jess Romo. “Not only does flying quietly protect the interests of local residents, it safeguards the social and economic benefits generated by Van Nuys Airport.”

    With more than 100 businesses and three major fixed base operators, the airport contributes an annual estimated $1.3 billion to the Southern California economy and supports over 12,000 jobs. At 730 acres, and more than 238,000 annual operations in 2014, VNY is not only diligent with noise concerns but the safety of the airport and our community. VNY has on-site 24/7 operations personnel and Airport Police Bureau, a six-story F.A.A. control tower running from 6 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. daily, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, and its own Fire Station #114 providing crash, fire and rescue services in the event of an emergency on premises and in surrounding regions.

    For more information on VNY’s voluntary and mandatory noise abatement programs and pilot information, visit the airport’s main website at

    # # #

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