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Challenger 604 Co-Pilot

05 Aug 2019 2:27 PM | Anonymous

SNA Based CL-604 Co-Pilot Wanted

Pilot requirements:

3000 TTLive near SNA

Flying breakdown:

2/3 Charter

1/3 Owner

~250 hours per year total

Owner trips include HI, AK, Mex.

Charter trips typically HI, Coast-to-coast, supplemental lift for king air fleet.

FA on all charter


Competitive salary based on industry standards, quality of life and bonus 

Personality Traits:

As the other pilot/ac manager - I like to be active on the road. This includes playing golf, hiking, surfing, skiing etc. Candidate with similar interests and personality traits is desired. 

This is a unique opportunity for a great job with exceptional quality of life based in OC. 

Email cl604resumes@gmail.com with resume and interest level. 

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