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Whether you are a pilot, aviation maintenance technician, ground handler, air traffic controller, or anyone else with a stake in aviation safety, the SCAA safety program offers something for you. Throughout Southern California and in partnership with other regional group and professionals in the aviation safety industry, SCAA is committed to promoting safety education and engagement within all aviation disciplines. Through the Safety Committee whose mission statement is:

In support of the SCAA Mission, the Safety Committee will proactively promote aviation safety education throughout the region. To this end, the Safety Committee shall develop and facilitate safety education events and/or related communications addressing all disciplines of general and business aviation.

The SCAA Safety Committee carries out its mission by facilitating two different, but synchronized programs:

SHARE Program

Since 2008, the annual SCAA Safety Standdown Day has addressed numerous safety topics, including automation airmanship, professionalism, upset/recovery, tire safety, SMS, and emergency response planning -- just to name a few. Please refer to the Safety Standdown Day page for more information on this year’s event.

Developed and implemented in 2012, the SHARE (Safety, Hazard and Reporting, and Empowerment) is designed to create an open format for dialogue and sharing of safety data. This program enjoys the input of all the aviation disciplines in the region, including pilots, maintenance, FBO, ATC, etc. We encourage everyone to become a SHARE member. To learn more, see the SHARE page on this website for information and application.

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SCAA Safety Program

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