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About SCAA

The mission of the Southern California Aviation Association is to harness the passion and dedication shared by established and aspiring aviation professionals, providing education, networking, mentoring, and scholarship programs in order to advance, connect and empower a safe and collaborative Southern California Aviation Community.

SCAA's Vision
Advancing and empowering the Southern California Aviation Community.


The Southern California Aviation Association was established in December, 2006, as an outgrowth of the North County Community Airports Association and the San Diego Regional Aviation Association. With a heightened awareness that many issues were evolving in Southern California aviation which needed to be addressed, the organization changed its name to better serve this crucial segment of transportation needs in Southern California, as well as the needs of aviation as an industry reaching critical mass, in a new era of global corporate travel.

SCAA is intended to have a voice at the local, state, and federal level, allowing us to be proactive and effective when issues pertinent to the aviation community are presented. A major goal of SCAA is to be more in tune especially with what is going on at the regional levels, and therefore have the opportunity and resources to be proactive in affecting the direction of aviation in Southern California, and to weigh in on general economic issues as appropriate. The resources and industry positions of our membership will allow us to achieve many goals in the future when issues are presented that can adversely, or positively, affect general aviation.

SCAA is incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization. Our membership is comprised of corporate, service sector, and non-profit entities, as well as individuals with a strictly aviation focus. We are positioned for rapid growth. We shall address economic development, public policy, workforce development, and educational issues pertinent to the growth and sustainability of the aviation industry, while offering opportunities for networking and fostering strategic alliances within the technology and aviation industries.


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